On the Edge of Darkness

From here we can see a glow to the west. Seattle at its grandest. Three hundred story arcologies, a six hundred foot tall Space Needle in all its glowing glory, an urban metropolis in the lush forests of the Pacific northwest, yeah you can’t see any of that from here. The Emerald City? Nothing green here except paint and mold. The City of Goodwill? Try to get good will in the Barrens where someone is likely to stick a shank in you as look at you.
Here you watch your back and you hope nobody sticks you in the front while you are doing it.
Shadowrunners, the big names, with their gleaming chrome and high tech hardware, they don’t come here unless they absolutely gotta and then only in a well armed team alert and watching. We sleep here. An alley, an abandoned shop, or a burnt out residence, that is home until something worse pushes us out or until we push someone or some thing out of some place better.

Street Sweepers

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