Damien 'Blur' Ferguson


Street Name: Blur

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 74kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Real Name: Damian Gabriel Ferguson
Birth: 2053.08.26 in Bakersfield, CFS
Legal Status: Legalized adult citizen enrolled in Seattle University
Karma Earned Used Available
2 0 2
Qualities Effect
Dependent (Inconvenience) 10% Increase in Lifestyle
Gearhead Improve vehicle performance (SR5.74)
Juryrigger +2 Mechanical tests where he can jury rig something
Body 4 Edge 7
Agility 5 Essence 5.7
Reaction 6 Initiative 9+1d6
Strength 4 Rigger Initiative 9+1d6
Charisma 3 Physical Limit 6
Intuition 3 Mental Limit 5
Logic 4 Social Limit 5
Willpower 3 Astral Limit 5
Skill Pool Attribute
Aeronautics Mechanic 7 Mental (Log)
Artisan 6 Mental (Int)
Automatics 6 Physical (Agi)
Automotive Mechanic 7 Mental (Log)
Clubs 6 Physical (Agi)
Computer 6 Mental (Log)
Con 4 Social (Cha)
Demolitions 5 Mental (Log)
Disguise 4 Mental (Lig)
Etiquette 6 Social (Cha)
First Aid 6 Mental (Log)
Forgery 6 Mental (Log)
Gymnastics 6 Physical (Agi)
Hardware 6 Mental (Log)
Impersonation 4 Social (Cha)
Industrial Mechanic 7 Mental (Log)
Locksmith 6 Physical (Agi)
Longarms 6 Physical (Agi)
Nautical Mechanic 7 Mental (Log)
Navigation 5 Mental (Int)
Negotiation 5 Social (Cha)
Palming 6 Physical (Agi)
Perception 6 Mental (Int)
Performance 4 Social (Cha)
Pilot Aerospace 7 Physical (Rea)
Pilot Aircraft 7 Physical (Rea)
Pilot Ground Craft 9 Physical (Rea)
Pilot Walker 7 Physical (Rea)
Pilot Watercraft 7 Physical (Rea)
Pistols 8 Physical (Agi)
Running 5 Physical (Str)
Sneaking 6 Physical (Agi)
Software 6 Mental (Log)
Survival 4 Mental (Wil)
Unarmed Combat 6 Physical (Agi)
Knowledge Skills
Art 7 Mental (Log)
Engineering 9 Mental (Log)
Smuggling 7 Mental (Log)
Street Racing 7 Mental (Log)
Contact Location Archetype Connection Loyalty
Shin Yashada Redmond Fixer 3 2
Tory ‘Brick’ Bricken Renton Mechanic 2 2
8857 ¥
Lifestyle Quality Cost Months Notes
Seattle U Dorm Low 2200 1
Garage Squ 650 1
Armor Value Notes
Armor Jacket 14
Helmet 12
Weapons Pool Accuracy Damage AP Reach/Range Mode RC Ammo Notes
Colt Government 2066 8 6 7P -1 5/20/40/60 SA 3 14c
Defiance T-250 SB 6 4 9P -1 5/20/40/60 SS/SA 3 5m
Baton, Extendable 6 5 6P - 1 - - -
Unarmed Combat 6 6 4S - 1 - - -
Grenade, Thrown 4 6 by type by type 8/16/24/40 - 3 -
Cyberware Essence Grade Notes
Commlink 0.2 Std
Datajack 0.3 Std
Vehicle Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor CM Seats Device Notes
Hyundai Shin-Hyung 5/4 3 6 1 10 6 2 () 17 4 3 Gridlink Override, Sensor Array (rtg 2)
Gear Qty Notes
Ammo, Reg-Hvy Pistol 30
Ammo, Reg, Shotgun 10
Backpack 2
Duffel Bag 1
Endoscope 1
Fake License 1 Vaughn Sandford
Gas Mask 1
Sunglasses 1 Lowlight
Grenade, Flashbang 1 SR5.435
Grenade, Flashpak 1 SR5.435
Grenade, Smoke 1 SR5.435
Lockpick Set 1
Maglock Passkey 1 Rtg 2
Miniwelder 1 1x fuel canister
Magazine, Colt 2
Toolkit, Auto Mechanic 1
Trodes 1

Born in the CFS, Damian has no idea who his father is. It has always been a volatile topic in his family – especially between his mother and grandfather. Over the years he pieced together that his father was a soldier in the CFS, for a while at least, and still had some sort of working relationship with his grandfather. However, try as he may, he was unable to get much more information except that he lived or worked out of Seattle. Born with an artistic aptitude, he jumped at the opportunity to enroll in Seattle University, where he would begin to track down his father on his own.

This proved to be easier said than done. His father’s identity still eluded him. School was challenging, and he liked to stay out late and have a good time – his particular vice being racing. As his grades began to slip due to his night life, his grants quickly diminished and soon he found himself in dire need of funds. Tuition was due again, and the cost of maintaining and upgrading his car. His girlfriend, Adrienne, A transfer student from France, had just discovered she was pregnant, and a bad bet had the bookies nipping at his heels, when he joined a few of his street associates in a simple, yet risky theft – and like that, he discovered his the solution to all his problems. The thrill of the jobs was the icing on the cake, and he quickly discovered that this talents were well suited to this life.

He now has some directions in his dual life – Damien is enrolled in school for yet another semester, and his grades have stabilized, and he looking forward to seeing his daughter for the first time. Blur, on the other hand, has had a taste of the underworld, and has enjoyed every moment of it. He would still like to discover who is father is. Perhaps his newfound friends in the shadows can point him in the right direction?

Damien 'Blur' Ferguson

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