Dr Wilmoth

Head Doctor at Dr. Bob's Quick Stitch


In his late 30s and perpetually harried looking. Though still reasonably young, he is aging poorly and looks at least ten years older than he is. At work he wears a typical outfit of a khaki overall with a white lab coat. Outside of work he dresses in jeans, sneakers, and a cardigan.


Leonard Wilmoth was a low achiever in the medical program at the University of Seattle eking by with just high enough grades to graduate. However, he did very well in his two years of residency and developed an excellent bed-side manner and a true compassion for his patients. Unfortunately for him with low grades and mediocre board certification scores he was unable to acquire a high paying role at any of the finer medical institutions. He received an offer from Dr Bob’s Quickstitch and accepted. He has been at the clinic for seven years and became the head doctor after just two years as most doctors leave as soon as they can find a better position.

Dr Wilmoth

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