Dr. Norris Hendrix looks like an ancient student, with jeans, engineer boots, and a University of Seattle sweatshirt. His long gray hair is pulled back in a pony tail.


Dr. Hendrix is a former professor at the University of Seattle. A pioneer in the field of Matrix geometry, he is considered one of the great minds in the field. Many years ago he was one of the few survivors of the original project Omega.
Norris was one of the most popular and difficult professors at the U of S. A man of both style and knowledge, his classes were filled to capacity with the brightest minds or the University. Norris was instrumental in developing many of the theories now commonly used in the Matrix.
Norris also had a wilder side, however. One of the original shadowrunners, Norris operated under the name Flair, making and breaking some of the best ICE available at the time. The professor ran out of luck, however, and suffered massive neural feedback while working on an independent project against an up and coming Aztechnology. The accident left him in a coma for two years. When he awoke he found technology had left him in the dust. Though still a capable hacker, he had lost the edge and he was released from the University after only a few years back.


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