Corporate Executive at Global Technologies


Junior is ugly, even for an Ork. His body is covered with knobby dermal plates, which make his warty skin stick up at oddish angles. His ears are especially large with numerous earrings.
Junior always wears a suit when conducting “business”. Otherwise he prefers biker leathers, with lots of chrome chains and spikes.


Thomas Martelli Jr. grew up with everything a boy could want. He was popular with his classmates, and he looked forward to fulfilling his father’s dream for him. Unfortunately, Junior goblinized at the age of 13. His horrified parents coped with their new son as best they could, but it soon became obvious that Junior would never be the same.
He grew up rough and mean. By his 18th birthday, he was spending weeks away from home. Usually in the Ork underground. His father was quite surprised when, at the age of 19, Junior announced he had been accepted to the University of Seattle. Junior studied business, but he was expelled three weeks prior to graduating for mauling one of his professors. The man eventually recovered, but Junior’s career chances were ruined. He was not allowed to finish his degree. His father took pity, however, and hired him to work for his new simsense company. Junior used every trick in the book to rise up the ladder, eventually heading the company. When Martelli Entertainment was put under the Global umbrella, he was livid.


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