Roxanne Wunter


Roxanne is a stylish dresser. Slightly compulsive, she changes clothes often, even keeping a fully stocked closet at work. She considers herself neat, but most others consider her picky. Roxanne spends a lot of time on her makeup and hair, making sure that every strand is in place before she makes an appearance.


Despite appearances to the contrary, Roxanne has led a rough life. Born on the East side of Los Angeles, she worked her way up in the world with grim determination. Her past is one of violence and suffering, but she has put all of that behind her.
Educated at the University of California, Berkeley, she was an honors scholarship student. Her first job, as security manager at Back Door Systems, was a complete success. The last official act of Thomas Martelli prior to his death was to promote Roxanne to division head.
Some say Roxanne has moved up too fast and is not ready for the job she has held for the past two years. None would say it to her face. Through hard work and perseverance, she has made herself Urlan’s trusted aide.

Roxanne Wunter

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