Urlan Manes

Chief Executive Officer at Global Technologies


Urlan Manes has been interested in computers since he was able to reach the keyboard. Raised in what used to be Utah, Urlan left his family to attend UCLA. His first job took him to Seattle, and he has been here ever since. Urlan and Thomas Martelli started Global Technologies almost 40 years ago. The company has never grown like the two of them expected, but it has provided a stable income for its founders and employees. When Thomas died twelve years ago, he willed most of the shares to Urlan. This immediately put Urlan and Junior, Thomas Martelli’s son, at odds. Urlan’s leadership has attracted a better caliber of hacker and greatly increased Global’s market share. Now the company may well be on its way to the growth that Urlan always expected.
Urlan always wears some form of Indian apparel to remind others of his heritage. Urlan is constantly in control of his emotions. His face is a blank mask. He is courteous and polite, even in the face of hostility.
Urlan is loyal to his employees. He will support an individual despite that person’s action. Firing a person is very traumatic to him. He works hard for the company and wants to see it become successful, but not at the expense of those who work there.


Urlan Manes

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