Street Name: Z3r0sum

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 178 lbs
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Real Name: Richard Deacon
Birth: Original Birth Records lost in Crash 2.0 currently set to April 15th 2035
Legal Status: Legalized adult citizen of UCAS
Karma Earned Used Available
2 0 0 0
Qualities Effect
Drug Tolerant 2 to resist addiction
Focused Concentration 1 Can Sustain a single R1 complex form with out negative modifiers
Restricted Gear Allows higher then rating 12 available at char gen (neocortical Nannites)
Addiction Mild (jazz, Kamikaze)
In Debt iV Character owes 30k to the yakuza with 10% inerest due each month
Poor Self Control (thrill Seeker) Composure (2) test to take most dangerous route but get +1 to Initiative score for 5 combat turns
Sinner (UCAS) Valid legal national Sin
Body 3 2k Edge 3
Agility 4 2k Essence 5.3
Reaction 2 2J Initiative 6 1d6 1 2d6J 2d6K
Strength 2 3K Matrix Initiative 8 3/4d6
Charisma 3 Physical Limit 3 1J 2K
Intuition 4 Mental Limit 6
Logic 4 Social Limit 6
Willpower 6 Astral Limit 6
Skill Pool Attribute
Compiling (fault sprite) 11(13) Resonance (Res)
Computer 7 Technical (Log)
Cybercombat 7 Technical (Log)
Disguise 7 Physical (Int)
Hacking 7 Technical (Log)
Hardware 5 Technical (Log)
Palming 7 Physical (Agi)
Perception 7 Physical (Int)
Pistols 8 Physical (Agi)
Registering (machine sprite) 11(13) Resonanace (Res)
Sneaking 7 Physical (Agi)
Software (diffusion of firewall) 10(12) Technical (Log)
Knowledge Skills
Area Knowledge 6
Street Drugs 7
Conspiracy Theories 7
Matrix security procedures 7
Matrix Hangouts 6
Security Procedures 7
Contact Location Archetype Connection Loyalty
Gloria the Chemists Redmond Drug Dealer 5 1
Rubicon Matrix Fixer 2 1
7137 ¥
Lifestyle Quality Cost Months Notes
Redmond Touristville Appartment Med 5000 1
Armor Value Notes
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger 13 Custom fit, Newest model Ruthenium polymer coating 3, auto injector
Vashon Island: Synergist business line longcoat +3 custom fit, nonconductivity R6, Holster
Weapons Pool Accuracy Damage AP Reach/Range Mode RC Ammo Notes
StreetLine Special 6 6P - Pistol SA 2 6© resitent to mad scanners
Ares Predator V 7 8P -1 Pistol SA 2 15© smartlink inegral
Cyberware Essence Grade Notes
Soft NanoHive R2 0.5 Used
Neural Amplifiers (Neocortical) R3 – -
Narco (geneware) 0.2 -

Gear Qty Notes
Ammo, APDS-Hvy Pistol 30
Ammo, Reg-Hvy Pistol 70
Spare Clip Predator V 4
Spare Clip Streetline 2
Earbuds R 3 1
Sound Link
Audio Enhancement R2
Mood Chip(Hyper) 9
Transys Avalon R6 1
Add Module (program Carrier)
Subvocal Mic 1
Trodes 1
Fake Sin R3 (Satoshi Nakimoto) 1
Fake Liscence R3 (conceal and Carry) 1
Fake Liscence R3 (Driver’s License) 1
Standar RFID tags 20
Agent R4
Glasses R4
Image Link
Vision enhancement R2
Jazz 9
Kamikaze 9
Psyche 5
Red Mescaline 5
Zen 20



In this world there are always winners and losers. One balancing out the other. Each time somone wins others have to lose. The rich taking from the poor to become richer. the crime syndicates leeching from there communities and infecting neibhorhoods while becoming ever more powerful. Life is one big zero-sum game.

Richard Deacon had a fine life. He worked for a minor security company as a security guard. Day in day out, year upon year the decades passed. One night working as a night security guard for a medical supply facility some local gangers decided to break in and steal drugs they thought were stored there. The group of gangers high on Jazz had already killed 2 of his cowarkers. HTR was still 5 minuites out. He rounded the corner of a coridor to find one of the gangers holding a case marked lactated ringers. For a moment Richards blue eyes locked with the cold hard chrome overlays of the gangers cyber eyes. In what seemed like a blur the ganger dropped the box and reached for his gun. In an instant richard felt something, a sort of pulse or thread, and the world around him seemed to slow down and fade away into blackness. He could feel his control over his body slipping away as something unusual was happening. Instinctually with his mind he reached out to the thread and crushed it while he tried to use what little remaining control he had over his legs to jump out of the way. In what seemed like an instant his control over his body returned and his vision cleared. The ganger was swearing and shooting randomly into the air above him where he had jumped ot of the way moments before. Whats more there were several other new streams pulsing through the air around him. He raised his side arm and shot the apparently blinded ganger. As his body slumped to the ground two more gangers rounded the corridor firing a hail of bullets in his direction. His world exploded in pain as darkness oversook him.

He woke up sometime later in a hospital bed. tubes and wires sticking out of him at odd angles. the doctors told him that with his body slumped aganst the wall the bullets ht him in the side where his vest was weakest. one of the bullets hit him in the side and traveled through his bowels. they were able to replace the organs with type O replacements but he became septic due to the dead tissue they werent able to remove. While recovering in the hospital he found he could enter the matrix and interact with the wireless signals around him. while there he found others with his abilities and news stories about the emergence crisis. spending most of the next two months doing physical therapy or developing his new matrx skills his old position had been back filled. He was reassigned to a different security project and shift.

several months later while waiting in line after his shift at a really great noodle stand he received a privat message directly to his bionode. “That was odd” he thought. Maybe it was from spam bot scanning people in his area. He opened it and the message said “Hey cutie my names Gemma, after you get your food you should join me down th eblock a bit. theres a nice park there we can eat and get to know each other.” an ARO highlighted the sender who was waving at him as she unwrapped her chopsticks. Turns out she was a technomancer like him. She realized he wasnt actually using his commlink to browse and decided to get to know him. 7 months later they were engaged and 6 moths after they were married.

About 8 months before the first mission started Gemma begain getting headaches and started acting unusual. He brought her into the corporate healthcare sponsered hospital to look into it. this was a few weeks after the events in boston and the symptom triggered a protocol in the hospital computer system flagging the case as CFDand alerted the hospital administration. after doing a few test to confirm the diagnosis they informed richard that his wife had a genetic disorder which was effecting her nervious system. They had chicked his income and savings knowing full well they couldn’t afford the genetic therapy which would be required to save Gemma from the supposed genetic disorder. this would allow them to continue studying Gemma as the nanites and AI took over her mind. Well with a goal in mind richard began looking around for a loan unbeknownst to him he had been black listed and non of the legitamate lenders would even talk to him. He got desperate. He used the matrix to hunt down a local yakuza lender. With a bit of negotiation and a rather steep interest rate he was able to gather the money needed. When the funds were desposited to his account this triggered an alert. The jig was up and the hospital needed to cover its tracks. Gemmas behavior had grown more and more erractic durng her time in the hospital due tot he CFD progressing. They Moved Gemma to another facility and then set off an explosion in her room with an already dead corpse from a jane doe int he room before it went off. They told him that his wife had gotten violent and had begun tearing appart her room. apparently the oxygen had been turned on and when she pulled some electrical wires from the wall it had created a spark which caused the explosion.

Richard was crushed. He had fought so hard and yet he had lost non the less. On top of it all the corporation who owned the security firm he worked for decided it would be bes at this point to distance themselves from richard and fired him for suspected money laundering for a syndicated crime cartel. He tried to give the money back to the yakuza but his contract with them guaranteed a certain term to the loan and he couldn’ afford to pay the interest required for any early pay off. after some time he decided the only way foreward was to use his particular skillset. He no longer wanted to lose. Instead he wanted to win. He took the money he had on loan from the yakuza and Gemma’s life insurance money and went to augment himself up and decided to run the shadows. where else could a security guard with the ability to be a decent hacker get work?


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