Hollywood Simsense Entertainment

Hollywood Simsense Entertainment
Home Office: Hollywood, California Free State
President/Ceo: Yuri Tellenkov

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Hollywood Sinsense Entertainment, UCAS
Office: Seattle, UCAS
Division Head: Joshua Bulter
Chief Product/Services: Simsense entertainment disks

Division Name: Modern Life Simsense
Division Head: Albert Yellowjacket
Chief Product/Services: Simsense educational disks and players

Business Profile:
Hollywood is a major producer of simsense players and chips. The parent firm maintains a production/distribution company in Seattle to service the entertainment markets, while the main office in Hollywood produces educational disks. This arrangement allows HSE to produce simsense entertainment chips without fear of interference from Japanese Imperial State censorship boards in the California Free State.
With its own studios and factories in Seattle, the company can release numerous new chips every month. Most of its offerings are pornographic or gory, just what the street types want.
Security Forces:
Hollywood maintains a large force of security guards and special operatives, who conduct operations on a large scale within the Seattle area. All members of HSE security are employed by the company. They are usually heavily armed when patrolling HSE property or nearby grounds. HSE also maintains a modest fleet of land and air patrol craft with considerable firepower.

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Hollywood Simsense Entertainment

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