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What we Know so far

The party went to Reno’s looking for a shadowrun and didn’t even make it to a table before they were met by a woman. She said, “Good evening, my name is uh…Johnson. I wonder if I might take a moment of your time?” You followed her through the crowded place and eventually arrive at a table. The entire walk she was shadowed by an armed and armored man who was clearly watching you as much as everyone else as a potential threat to the woman. Once you seated yourselves at her table she said, “Good. I am looking for some professionals to assist my employers in receiving some stolen property and to locate a missing individual. The job must be carried out by a low profile group that can recover the goods with a minimum of attention. This opportunity could prove extremely fruitful, both in terms of nuyen and status. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and I cannot give you time to deliberate. My question is a simple one, are you the people I am looking for?”
You look at each other briefly and nod to one another. Once it is clear that the consensus is affirmative she continues, “Excellent, As I am sure you are aware, this is not exactly the place for a business meeting. We will meet at the Banshee at exactly 1:00am. Do not be late. When you get there, ask for ”/characters/urlan-manes" class=“wiki-content-link”>Urlan. You will be directed to the meeting from there. Are there any questions about the meeting place?"
ZeroSum interjects, “Yeah, where is it?”
She replies, “Find it. I suggest we all leave. Do not attempt to follow me, it would strain our budding relationship.”

You watch her walk out of the place, once again shadowed by her bodyguard. Blur also notices that a small man in dingy synth leathers watches Mr. Johnson leave. He glances towards the party then quickly speaks int a wrist phone as he follows the pair out the door. Blur is pretty confident that Mr. Johnson and her bodyguard are unaware of the other individual. He and Daryl follow the tail. The party fights it way through the incoming crowd and Blur and Daryl follow the street rat. Keeping just out of the light, they follow the man almost two blocks, just keeping him in sight. They are certain he is still following Mr. Johnson but they can’t see her from where they are. The man crouches behind some dumpsters peering ahead as the sound of a small copter begins to wind up. As the copter’s whine grows into a howl, the street rat speaks into his wrist phone once again. He glances over his should just at the right time to see Blur step out from his hiding spot. The man whirls and sprints away. Blur and Daryl give chase and Blur gains on the street rat as Daryl falls behind. After several blocks of chasing the individual, Blur eventually corners the man and threatening him with a broken pipe that he had picked up during the chase, Blur forces the man to tell him what he knows. The man reveals, "Look I got this call, ok? nuthin’ big, just follow the chica and call in a report. That’s it, no contact, no nothin’. Ok? The voice, he gives me the starting block, and I follows her into the club, she talks to yous and then she leaves. I tells the voice about yous guys and then I follow her out. I tell the voice that she left in a copter and the rest you know Ok? Blur raises his pipe once again and says, “That’s it?” The guy say’s, “Ohh yeah, the LTG? It is SEA67-394873290-BV-6382992372 right? I can go then?” Blur nods, and the street rat scurries away just as Daryl arrives puffing and blowing like he just finished a marathon.

The team gathers together again, hops in a couple cars and heads for the Redmond Barrens. They arrive at the Banshee in plenty of time for the meeting, having experienced only a few delays on their route through the barrens. A few random shots fired at the car, a couple of route redirects to avoid gang fights, and one street blocked by burning cars, all in all a fairly uneventful trip through the district. The Banshee is a dive, the party doesn’t complain much since it is the kind of place that most of them visit nightly. At the entrance, they are forced to hand over all of the weapons that they can’t sneak past the bouncer and they check in with the Bartender, asking for Urlan. The bartender points towards another bouncer at the other side of the room blocking a door and gives him a wave. As the party gets there the guard steps out of the way and the team enters. Inside they find a much nicer section of the bar. A big american Indian stands next to Mr. Johnson while her Razorboy leans against the bar seemingly relaxed but his eyes never leave the group.


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